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Yes, we serve all the industries.
TrickyTax is part of Ram Associates which has over 35+ years of expertise in the Accounting. So, we always have experienced Bookkeeping professionals From Ram Associates do your work.
Yes, all of those services are included with our services. You can do it yourself or our team will help you set it up and even do them for you.
It's Free, included with your subscription. You want to talk with someone in person? No problem, You can visit Ram Associates - Our Offline partner and get your question resolved in person.

Tax Prep

We do your Federal & State Income TAX returns for each year along with included extras like Franchise TAX Filings, 1099-Misc and many other important services.
  • For all the Founders to Employees, we will file taxes for your team at a discounted price, which takes out the burden of finding someone else for that purpose..
  • Want to gift/Sponsor this service to employees & take out their load? Let us help. Contact Us
We help you pay your sales tax, other state & local taxes based on your business needs. Based on your business volume, the filing Frequency & Pricing will depend.


Yes, we offer payroll services in all of the 50 States and will take care of the Compliance needs of each state.
We give you the option to pay your employees by Direct Deposit or pay cheques (we mail to your employees or we can set it up in your office for printing them).
Yes, they can check/print their W-2’s and 1099’s anytime with their self access employee portal.

Trial & Pricing

We do your books for free for 1 month. At the end of the 1st month we will provide you with an Income Statement and Balance Sheet which helps you understand your business. You can then continue with the same plan or adjust it depending on your business needs.
No payment info is needed during trail period. We will work on your books and give you reports after each month. You can cancel anytime-no questions asked.
Cancellation is simple with us. Just let us know and we will cancel immediately - No Questions asked. If you are on an annual plan, we will adjust the balance and refund you the remaining.


Your reports are generated and are stored in TT vault which can only be accessed by you anytime. The vault is 256 bit encrypted.
We use Quick books and Xero based on customer convenience.
We work with Intuit, ADP and GUSTO and even other providers based on client need.


It is simple: When the person/Organization you referred signup with us, we will send a gift card for $150 over a successful referral.


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