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You can rely on our services for your startup company’s immigration needs. Our processes are simple & straightforward that resolve all complexities of US immigration, so you can work more on growing your business.

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Visas We Support

Temporary Work Visas

It's for people who plan to stay and work temporarily in the US

0 - 1

For entrepreneurs, founders, researchers, and people at the top of their field.

H - 1B

Holding a specialty position related to a Bachelor’s degree.

L - 1

Employee transfer from abroad to US office of the same company.


For certain occupations for Canadians and Mexicans.

E1 / E2

People who wants to expand their businesses in the US, such as investors, enterpreneurs, and business owners.

Permanent Residency

For individuals seeking to move to the US permanently

EB - 1

Entrepreneurs, executives, researchers, and community leaders.

EB - 2

Professionals with exceptional ability, including Master’s higher educational qualification.

EB - 2 NIW

Startup founders, engineers, consultants, and researchers.

Why Trickytax?

Paperwork shouldn’t stand in the way of innovation. We put immigration experts and intelligent technology together, so you can focus on growing your team and business. Leave the paperwork and legalese to us.

Personalized guidance & support

You will have a dedicated immigration attorney who will map out a case plan based on your goals and credentials, review your entire application and answer questions.

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Speedy service

Providing speedy service is our priority, and we practice working basis on the timelines for visa approval.

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Knowing Case Status

It's much easier to get the status of your case, including paperwork completions & missing document details.

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Clients Success

Our track record shows how we helped founders from all over the globe obtain work visas to expand careers in the US.

Immigration Processing Fees

No additional costs. Pay for what you use.

Permanent Residence Fees

  • Business Immigration Processing Fees Principal applicant $950
  • Economic Immigration Processing Fees Principal applicant $900
  • Family Sponsorship Processing Fees Spousal $1020
  • Citizenship Processing Fees Per person $550

Temporary Residence Fees

  • Visitor Visa Processing Fees Per person $350
  • Work Permit Processing Fees Per person $150
  • (eTA) Processing Fees Per person $100
  • Study Permit Processing Fees Per person $250

Biometrics Fees

Every person submitting the following applications, must include fingerprints and a photo (biometrics):

  • Visitor Visa Processing Fees Per person $350
  • Work Permit Processing Fees Per person $150
  • (eTA) Processing Fees Per person $100
  • Study Permit Processing Fees Per person $250

How does trickytax Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

B-1 (visitor visa) is for foreign nationals traveling to the United States to conduct temporary business unless qualifying for entry under the Visa Waiver Program.

Employment, study, doing personal business for profit, participating in entertainment or sporting events, etc., aren’t allowed on B-1 visa status.

An eligible employee must have worked in a subsidiary, parent, affiliate, or branch office of the company for at least one year out of the last three years. The US company must be a parent company, child company, or sister company of a foreign company.

It depends on the visa status that you are holding while in the US. If your visa supports that your job contract allows working for other employers, then you can.

To change from an L-1 visa to a green card, you must apply for and be approved for any of the immigrant visa classifications. Specifically, you must obtain approval of an immigrant petition from USCIS via Form I-130 or I-140 and adjust your status by filing a Form I-485.

Yes, but this also varies from case to case.

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